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A selection of articles from Media Asia (full archive here)

VIDEO: The rise of digital in Vietnam

Video report from a digital conference in Ho Chi Minh City

Beijing unveils global ‘Made in China’ ad campaign

A story that took six months to break, was followed up globally and even caused the Chinese government to hold a press conference

Profile… Glock swaps $8 billion budget for life on his own

Catching up with P&G’s former global media boss

Perspective… Shedding light on Asians’ media habits will remain a piecemeal process

Why is Asian media research still so bad?

Perspective… Bring the party to the people, but don’t forget to bring the lesbians

My take on the parties at Spikes Asia

Perspective… Google has spent a year on 30 per cent share; can it go any further?

Looking at Google in China – four months before it decided to pull out

Perspective… The age of interruption is dead. Long live the age of, er, interruption

Why TV isn’t dead


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February 10, 2010 at 11:48 am

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